Curriculum and Learning

Curriculum and Learning

The Curriculum at Robert Le Kyng

At Robert Le Kyng we are committed to delivering a broad, varied and rich curriculum. We keenly understand the needs of our school community and our curriculum meets these needs through five key tenets:


At Robert Le Kyng we believe it is vitally important that children are supported to develop their vocabulary both verbally and in writing, therefore enabling them to gain a control of language so they can express their views and feelings clearly. A broad and deep understanding of vocabulary strengthens understanding and retention, and all curriculum areas at Robert Le Kyng are planned with a strong focus on vocabulary.

-First-Hand Experiences

We are firm believers that learning is enhanced and deepened when children have the opportunity to experience some aspect of their learning in tangible, real-life contexts. Wherever possible the curriculum is planned to provide regular first-hand experiences in a range of powerful contexts.

-Relevance to Daily Life

At Robert Le Kyng we endeavor to link learning, wherever possible, to the children’s everyday lives. This enables our children to see a clear purpose to the curriculum and motivates them to succeed. Our children come to us from a wide and diverse range of communities and cultures, and this is reflected in our curriculum.

-Previous Learning

Our curriculum is planned around the key concept that learning happens when we make sense of ideas in relation to what we already know. All subject areas at Robert Le Kyng are carefully planned and sequenced to ensure learning builds on previous understanding. Children have regular opportunities to revisit key concepts and embed these in their long-term memory.

-New Learning

The new learning that we want children to remember is explicitly planned for in medium and long term plans. Lessons are planned sequentially to build understanding and there are regular opportunities to allow children to recall and remember new learning so that it is retained in their long term memory.

Please read the curriculum subject documents below:

RLK’s Reading Challenge

We have created a recommended reading list for each year group. By reading these books or sharing with an adult we hope each child can experience a wealth of adventures and new vocabulary.  We will be encouraging children to read as many of these as possible.

Year Group Overviews

Homework Task

All homework will be set using the Purple Mash website. Your child should have a logon for this but please ask your child’s class teacher if they do not have it.