Vision and Values

Aims of Robert Le Kyng school are:RLK World and Hands

  • Realising potential – developing the potential of every pupil, ensuring that the needs of all pupils, of all abilities are met.
  • Learning for the future – equipping our children for their future lives as well rounded individuals who make a valuable contributions to their society.
  • Keeping to our values.








The key value of RESPECT runs through all of these and is central to the work of the school. Each term we focus on one value.  All assemblies use the value as their theme and children are rewarded for demonstrating the value of the term.


Caring for and responding to individual needs

We are very fortunate that the school has attracted staff, teaching and non teaching, who are committed to the ideal of caring for and responding to individual needs. Many of the adults who work within the school have come to work with us because of the Special Resourced Provision for Physically Disabled children. They bring with them a very special responsiveness to the needs of others and this is inevitably then passed on to the children within the school.

Many languages spoken in the school

We have about 30 languages spoken in the school and so enjoy a diversity of cultures and experience.

It is very rewarding to see how quickly, children who are new to the school, adopt the same positive attitude to individual differences. Everyone benefits from this, because we all have times when we need a little extra support and encouragement.

This ethos contributes to the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of each child in the same way as curriculum areas and other activities do.

Our school site also has a independently run nursery called Central@RLK. If you wish to contact them please ring them on 01793 617484.