Music plays an important part in the life of Robert Le Kyng.

We have regular singing assemblies for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two and learn about the inter-related dimensions of music as well how to breathe and use our voices properly.


Musical work, supported by the Charanga online scheme of work, enables the children to develop their ability to perform, appraise and enjoy a wide range of music. Children learn to sing as part of our year group performances and also learn a variety of traditional and modern songs during key stage singing assemblies and classroom activities. Music can be a great learning tool in all subjects.

Children also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs such as choir and recorder after school club. All children have the chance to perform to the rest of the school and to parents in performances, assemblies and the annual singing festivals organised by the Swindon Music Services which are now held at the Wyvern Theatre, giving the children the opportunity to perform on a professional stage.

Children have the opportunity to learn a selection of instruments in small groups and individually through the Swindon Music Cooperative and those in year 4 all learn the clarinet as part of whole class teaching subsidised by the Swindon Music Hub.