Curriculum and Learning

Curriculum and Learning

At Robert Le Kyng we pride ourselves on offering a broad and varied curriculum.

We want our curriculum to:

  • be accessible for all
  • be relevant and diverse
  • start conversations and make children ask questions
  • be fun, exciting and educate the whole child
  • to inspire and challenge
  • include meaningful, engaging first hand experiences including current world events
  • be broad, balanced and meaningful both in knowledge and skills
  • be progressive and build on prior learning to deepen understanding
  • support the social, emotional and mental health of all our learners
  • be flexible to meet the individual needs of our children

Wherever possible we embed learning within a topic in order to catch, or hook, children’s interests therefore leaving them eager to learn and find out more. We use this to inspire quality writing from the children and to develop a range of skills across the curriculum. We like to include many first hand experiences, whether this is through using our local environment – we are very lucky to be situated so close to the railway village and the history that Swindon offers – or a trip further afield. We also invite visitors in to support children’s understanding. We also provide a wide range of enriched educational opportunities including expert PE tuition form Mr Barnett, learning a musical instrument, taking part in school productions or designing and creating a work of art. Expanding and celebrating every child’s strength is a key aim of Robert Le Kyng.

Please read the curriculum subject documents below:

RLK’s Reading Challenge

We have created a recommended reading list for each year group. By reading these books or sharing with an adult we hope each child can experience a wealth of adventures and new vocabulary.  We will be encouraging children to read as many of these as possible.

Year Group Overviews

Homework Task

All homework will be set using the Purple Mash website. Your child should have a logon for this but please ask your child’s class teacher if they do not have it.