Sports Funding

The Government has allocated every school in England approximately £9,000 to spend on PE, sport and the adventurous curriculum.

This money is largely been provided because the Government has recognised that the quality of PE and sport provision in Primary Schools could be improved.  Most schools will use this money to buy in coaches to teach PE or to do sports clubs. At Robert Le Kyng, the situation is rather different because we have had a specialist PE teacher for the last eight years.  He teaches most of the PE lessons, assisting with the planning and teaching of other teachers’ P.E. lessons, planning and delivering after-school sports clubs, running our competitive teams and developing the adventurous curriculum that encompasses the whole school.

We have also taken part in ‘Hip to Skip’ to start a skipping revolution in our school to improve our fitness, coordination and have fun at playtimes.  This initiative will also go hand in hand with our Mile a Month Challenge where children will run (or jog and walk) a mile at the end of each month and have their time recorded.  Practise runs can be done anytime throughout the month.

We also run sports events and sports festivals with other local schools to increase participation. Every child in Year 6 represents the school at least twice in a sporting event.

Click here to view the Sports funding report to parents 2020 21