Summer Project 2016

We had a team of 12 young designers from Year 2,  helping us solve a problem in the entrance hallway. After Easter the high part of the entrance hall area will be newly decorated and the old paintings will be taken down. The children had plenty to say about what it would look like!

The first group thought the entrance would look boring, strange, bare and blank.

“It won’t look nice and people won’t want to walk through there,” said Oliver.

“It will be plain white and there won’t be any colour,” complained Thia and Aisha.

“We want people to say ‘WOW’ when they come in,” Ava commented.

So we thought about how we could get the ‘WOW’ factor in the entrance hall.

Weronika suggested we made it look beautiful.

Harley thought it would look good with pictures.

Sam was keen for it to be very colourful.

Phoebe thought the artwork should be 3D, so it would stand out much more.

As part of Swindon175, the celebrations to mark the 175th anniversary of the birth of the new town, we listened to the ‘hooter’ sounding and thought about Swindon’s engineering past..  It seemed a really good idea to design some wheels and cogs as part of the new entrance hall, supporting Swindon175.

At the end of the design session the Year 2 designers were keen to share their thoughts on what it was like to be a designer.

“It’s quite hard to be a designer but when you practice you get better,” said a thoughtful Weronika.

“It’s fun to be a designer because you get to make amazing stuff!” commented Oliver.

“We think it’s good because you can make designs on a piece of cardboard and then a laser cutter will zzzzzzzzzz it out in wood!” said Ava and Aisha.

The children’s designs are now going off to be laser cut in MDF and later next term Year 1 and 2 children will be painting and printing them all to create the ’WOW FACTOR’ in the entrance hall.