Our Governors

Our school is a welcoming, happy and positive learning place in which everyone is encouraged and enabled to reach their full potential.

The Governors at Robert Le Kyng, together with the staff, are responsible for ensuring that the school delivers the best educational and learning environment possible. We bring a variety of experience to the school from a wide range of backgrounds in our working lives from business, local authorities and, maybe most importantly, because many of us have children at the school. We feel this is a real strength for a Governing body by having such an immediate link to the life and performance of the school. Every one of us wants to see the best for the school and for all the children here.

Performance of the school

As Governors, we hold meetings 6 times per year where we monitor the performance of the school, the school’s finances and check to make sure it is running smoothly. Every Governor is also a member of other committees that meet throughout the year, such as Resources or Staffing, which allow us to look in greater detail at those areas of how the school is run.

Working closely with staff and the Headteacher

Whilst Governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the school, that is the staff’s job after all, we work closely with staff and the Headteacher in particular to help make the decisions on how the school is run and ultimately to give the best start in life for all children.
Governors work closely with the school to promote high standards of educational achievement for all the children and have a wide range of legal responsibilities to fulfil.

We set the overall vision, practices and ethos by which the school operates, and hold the school to account for its actions – what is known as a “critical friend”.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor or would like to speak to a member of the Governing Body, you can do so via the school office or directly by email to Tanya Stoneham at clerktogovs@robertlekyng.swindon.sch.uk

Minutes of Governing body meetings are available on request from Tanya Stoneham at clerktogovs@robertlekyng.swindon.sch.uk

We hope all children have an enjoyable, successful and memorable time at Robert Le Kyng.


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