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Year 3 – Fishkeepers

During the summer holiday Mrs Barnard won a competition run by Maidenhead Aquatics. A programme called ‘Fishkeeper Fry’ aimed at year 3 primary school age children.
For the past 10 weeks Year 3 children have been setting up an aquarium, learning about water testing and plants and identifying the needs of various types of fish.
Each week the children watched video tutorials, complete tasks and every child had the opportunity to visit the local Maidenhead Aquatic shop to collect the weeks new fish.
The children have really enjoyed learning the skill of fish keeping with many being awarded ‘Fishkeeper of the week’.
We are very grateful as Maidenhead Aquatics have allowed us to be able to keep the aquarium permanently and continue to look after the fish.
All RLK children are welcome to come and visit Mrs Barnard’s classroom and meet our fish friends and we have recently discovered some new additions to the tank – baby fish!