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Year 2 learn about the environment at the Brunel Shopping Centre

Lessons in the Three Rs took on an environmental twist this week when a group of our Y2 children visited Swindon’s Brunel shopping centre to learn about how the centre manages its waste and its policy of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

After a talk by Deputy Centre Manger Jane Stewart, the children helped to weigh some bags full of plastic bottles and cardboard.  Next they were taken to the centre’s recycling plant on the roof of the building where they learnt about the machinery and processes involved in handling waste materials.  This included why it is important to flatten cardboard destined for recycling and how our waste materials often end up being shipped to countries around the world.

 Next was an opportunity to learn about the importance of not dropping litter.  The children learnt how rubbish is collected around the town centre.  Once kitted out with protective gloves, litter pickers and rubbish bags the children set off back to school along the old canal picking up litter as they went.