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Engineering Week

During this term, we have had an exciting engineering week in which we learnt more about what engineering can look like in the real world! Our aim was to encourage the children to use their skills in science, engineering and maths as well as reinforcing our whole school RESPECT values. The week provided a fantastic opportunity for children to start to learn more about jobs that exist and career paths or subjects that they might like to study further when they are older.

Each year group topic a focus for their work and looked at how they could engineer a solution to a problem on their theme:

  • FS – linking to their visit to the farm, the children looked at how they could transport milk efficiently from one place to another.
  • Y1 – linked to the book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, the children designed lighthouses and then studied how pulleys can be used to make a job easier.
  • Y2 – linked to their work on castles, the children had the opportunity to study and make some weapons for attacking linked to trebuchets.
  • Y3 – following on from their pirate work, the children had an opportunity to look at boat design and solar power before designing and testing their own boats
  • Y4 – taking the themes of bridges and transport, the children looked at different types of trains and bridge structures. Following on from this they had an opportunity to design, build and test bridges made from a range of materials including food!
  • Y5 – using Wallace and Gromit’s Wrong Trousers as a theme, the children looked at developing artificial limbs. They had an opportunity to trial a range of tasks so that they could understand how a hand functions before making some model arms.
  • Y6 – looked at the heritage of engineering in Swindon before finding out more about a local railway electrification project.

On top of this the whole school found out more about the Bloodhound Car project  with Y5 being able to drive a simulator whilst Y2,3 and 5 were able to make and test model cars. To complete the work, Y5 then had an opportunity to visit the local UTC school which specialises in science, technology, maths and engineering where they had the chance to try a range of tasks including computer programming, designing and scientific testing.

As you can see it was a jam packed time which everyone enjoyed. In fact we had 15 different engineers from local industries who came in to work with the children whom we would like to say a massive thank you to!

Attached below is a link to an article that was in the Swindon Advertiser,d.ZGg