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Coronavirus closure information

Dear Parents & Carers

As you will have heard in the news schools will be closed to everyone except children of “key workers” and vulnerable children from Monday as part of the country’s response to coronavirus.

Who is a key worker ?

At the moment we are still awaiting further clarification of this definition. Examples of these workers include NHS staff, Police and delivery drivers who need to go to work.

Who is a vulnerable child ?

Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

How long will the school be closed for ?

Currently we have been closed until further notice. This does mean that it is likely that we will not return after Easter on the expected date. We will keep in touch via Parentmail to keep you informed.

What do I need to do ?

For the majority of children this means that you should keep your child at home from Monday morning ensuring that they have appropriate supervision and care. Please remember that we have posted an initial homework sheet in the appropriate year group of our website.

If your child has an EHCP we have already contacted you. If you have any further questions please get in touch with Mrs Leighfield or Mrs Walker-Morecroft as appropriate.

If your child has a social worker or you think you fall into the category of “key worker”please contact the school office by Friday lunchtime ( to let us know whether your child will be requiring childcare during school hours from next Monday onwards.

We have been asked to also provide child care for these groups during the Easter holiday. Although we do not have to ask you to commit to this at this time, it would be useful to start to understand the numbers of children this might apply to.

What will happen to my school meal order ?

We will go into School Comms and cancel all meals booked for the next 2 weeks. If your child qualifies for benefit based free school meals (not universal infant free school meals) we are able to continue to supply a packed lunch which you can pick up from the school office between 10a.m. and 1p.m. each day. Please contact the school office (via email or telephone) to book your packed lunch before midday the day before (please let us know if you require vegetarian or have dietary needs). The government have said that they will put in a national voucher system for people on benefit based free school meals as soon as possible and we will keep you informed about this.

All school milk has been cancelled as of next Monday.

What will happen to after school clubs ?

All clubs will be cancelled from Monday forward. The office will refund for the last 2 sessions of the term. Please bear with us while we work through this. Currently we have cancelled all term 5 clubs provided by external providers. We will let you know about other clubs when we return to school.

What do I do if I run out of food at home ?

Staff of the school have very kindly brought in some donations to develop a “mini food bank”. Should you find yourself in a position where you are struggling to feed your children, please do contact the office and we will do our best to provide you with some emergency supplies.

What shall my child do while they are at home ?

Please check the school’s website for information on work that your child can do while at home. While we understand that they are not going work for 7 hours a day, keeping some educational activities going will support your child to be in a good place for their return to school.

What will happen to assessments ?

The government have now confirmed that they will not go ahead with assessments or exams this academic year. This should have minimal impact on our children as the teachers will make sure that any relevant information about your child is passed onto their next teacher or new school.

We will continue to update you as more information comes into the school. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Mrs Smith