Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. We have a very exciting and challenging year ahead of us. Throughout the year, we will be covering all areas of the curriculum, letting the children explore and discover new and interesting facts. In addition, we will continue to develop their ability to become independent learners. Part of being in year 6 also comes with the added responsibility of being a role model to others throughout the school, inspiring them to always follow the RLK values. During the autumn terms, we will be having a real push on the children’s handwriting and developing a sense of pride within all their work; as well as using their growth mindset to build their resilience.

Reading will play an important part of increasing the children’s vocabulary and supporting them in creating their own stories. We have planned to cover exciting texts throughout the year although these will be revealed at a later point.

Times table knowledge will remain a high priority and we will be encouraging children to practise them regularly both within the school classroom and at home.

Mrs Fisher and Miss Barry

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