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Avebury to Barbury Sponsored Walk

We are exhausted…but it was worth it! Demonstrating the school values of perseverance, teamwork and enthusiasm, we walked from Avebury to Barbury castle. Along the route we encouraged each other to complete each mile, whilst Mr. Barnett told us Anglo Saxon tales.

On our arrival to Barbury Castle, we had one final incline to conquer. A few of us ran ahead with Mr. Barnett to the summit, determined to reach our goal! Although tiredness had reached us all, the excitement of overcoming our doubts of completing the six miles made it all worthwhile. Finally we were all stood at the peak, looking across Swindon.

Completing our walk, we used Barbury Castle as a backdrop for our re-enactment of an Anglo Saxon battle. Everybody represented the school amazingly, showing just how resilient RLK students are!